Wednesday, 24 September 2014

What I've been eating lately - New Udi's items!

I'm always on the look out for new gluten free items to try and one range that's ticking all the boxes, in both the sweet and savoury department is Udi's. You may have seen my post earlier on in the year of some of their items so I was more than happy when the lovely people at Udi's sent me a few more things to try out! There's worse things to be than a gluten free guinea pig.

Here's what I served along side some of their delectables!

I was giddy with excitement in at the gluten free section when I saw that Udi's do a tiger bloomer loaf as there isn't any brands (that I've seen/come across) that have mastered a coeliac friendly crusty bread. Until now. It's the perfect addition dipped into soup or scouse, and I'm so glad that the weathers getting colder so that I can use any excuse to make hearty casseroles with a side of this bread! 

It's a tough competition but I think the Udi's bagels are my favourite item of theirs! This time I got the multi seeded version which were amazing smothered in butter with a side of bacon and mushrooms; the perfect accompaniment to a full English breakfast! I've seen that they also come in chocolate chip and sundried tomato which I obviously need in my life immediately. 

I've had these muffins in the chocolate and toffee variety so was really looking forward to trying these blueberry ones, I couldn't possibly choose which ones I prefer as they're both amazing! It's hard to believe just how down the people at Udi's have got the gluten free baking but well done, seriously. 

Lastly, a lovely surprise to find in the hamper was a pack of milk chocolate wafers which went down a treat with a pot of afternoon tea. They also do them in a lemon variety too which I imagine are just as moreish.

Their website is turning into an online foodie wishlist for me and it also shows you where you can buy their items near you which is really handy! They have a section for recipe ideas and you can keep up to date on their new products. I cant wait to get my hands on some of their ready mixes like the Italian style pizza base mix and pastry mix. How exciting! 

Have you tried anything from Udis? Is there any of their products I've not mentioned that are your current faves?

Faye x

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Latest charity shop finds!

I consider myself a professional charity shopper. If it was a real job, I'd be the Anna Wintour of Age UK. I'd be sat there at the front row behind my retro old lady glasses judging the British Heart Foundation's latest looks. Sadly for me, it's not a true profession and while my obsession makes my wardrobe a lot healthier, it doesn't exactly put that gluten free grub on the table. Unless anyone knows of a job title that involves such thrifting, in which case, throw an application from my way!

I've been very lucky on the charity shop circuit lately and felt the need to show off my newest finds that are going to keep me warm and somewhat eye catching throughout Autumn!

This amazing shaggy green jacket, which I think has been hand knitted, was from Oxfam and I just adore it! It's perfect thrown over any outfit and it's going to be an Autumn and, dare I say it yet, Winter, staple of mine. It's like wearing a vintage rug on your back, what's not to love? 

This is the most expensive of my haul, yet it was still only an easy on the pocket £9 so no complaints courtesy of the British Heart Foundation from me! I love this jungle pattern and lightweight denim feel, I've worn it over a classic little black dress and it spruces up an otherwise plain outfit perfectly!

I got this vintage Topshop hot pink leather jacket from Cancer Research for just a fiver, can you believe it?! Who gave this away? I want to personally thank them. I love it and it's such a nice, bright change to my black leather jacket which I usually live in during Autumn. 

I saw this jacket, also in Cancer Research and also for £5! I thought it was way too clueless-esque to leave and I imagined myself as Cher Horrowitz as soon as I tried it on. Now I just need some white knee high socks and a jeep... 

The last item from my latest charity shop haul is this pink fluffy gillet. Yep, you heard, and saw correctly. I know this one will completely split opinions but it was just too cute and fun to leave behind, for £4 from the Salvation Army, even if I just wear it in the house it's worth it!

So what do you think of my finds? Do you like them?

Faye x

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Mini review #16 - Heart & Home candles!

So like most bloggers  normal people, I love a good candle. My flat is filled with them; from little tea lights to large pillar candles. Scented and unscented, there's just something about the light from a candle that is so much cosier than just having a lamp on (or worse, the big light, *shudders*). So, when the lovely people at IWOOT asked if I'd like to try a selection of scented candles from the Heart & Honey*, I jumped at the chance.

Coming in a pack of four votive-style candles, the set included Lily of the Valley, Fresh Linen, Jasmine Daydream and French Vanilla. I thought this was a really good mix, with the two floral scents being balanced out nicely by the clean smelling linen and the classic vanilla. I burned them all at separate times to make sure I could appreciate each scent - and I was really impressed with just how much they managed to fill the room despite being quite small!

I'm not sure this exact set is currently available on IWOOT, though I'm told it will be in stock soon. They have quite a lot of Heart & Home candles available on the site though, and if this set is anything to go by then they're definitely worth a try as they're good value for money! The large Lily of the Valley jar candle is next on my list - the smell reminds me of growing up as it's my Mum's favourite.

Are you obsessed with burning candles too? I can't get enough of them!

Eve x

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Birthday wishlist!

Sooo tomorrow is officially September which means I can really start getting excited about my birthday in a few weeks!

I haven't done a wishlist in absolutely AGES so I figured now would be a good time. A lot of the things on the list are massively boring (a set of pans and a Brita filter water bottle don't exactly SCREAM 'good time gal') but they are some necessities that I want in my life and will no doubt buy for myself when pay day next comes around!

Clockwise from top left:

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Make do and upcycle: The DIY dressing table

I've been a little bit quiet on the blog recently, as I've started a new job and have been working every hour they can give me to at least try and get myself out of my student overdraft (distant dream). But I have left myself some time for a few of the important things in life, in this case, DIY. 

I love getting little projects on the go around the house with the help of my wonderful and creative Mum. She's bestowed upon me and Eve her love for home decor and doing things yourself! Or at least having a go...

Since moving back home from uni and realising just how much clutter I own, I decided I needed more furniture in my bedroom to be able to hide things away in draws. So with this in mind, I went to my local British heart foundation where I picked up this chest of draws for just £10! All the draws were in good condition and there was no damage to them other than superficial, so I couldn't believe my luck! 

I started off by sanding the whole piece of furniture down, every inch needed to be smoothed and the old battered gloss stripped away. This took a lot of elbow grease and very dusty surroundings, but by the end it was all fresh and ready to be painted! 

You can see what a difference just sanding it down made, so don't be put off a piece of second hand furniture just because it looks a bit tatty - as long as the structure itself is in good nick, don't miss out on a bargain for bad looks!

As I wanted to paint it a pastel green colour, I did a base coat of white just so I wouldn't have to do as many layers of the colour! I chose this Dulux wall paint in Willow Tree for the top colour which I just love! It took about three coats to completely cover the wood and the whole process took me two days in total.

As well as my new chest of draws, I upcycled an old bedside table I already had with the same method and colour to create a cute little set. They don't match exactly, but I kind of think that adds to the shabby chic style that my bedroom is! With a vintage stool that my mum already had lying around (of course) and a matching green jewellery box, I just adore my newly loved pre owned furniture! 

So what do you think of mu DIY dressing table? Have you upcycled any of your furniture recently?

Faye x 

Monday, 18 August 2014

Mini review #15 - Concoction Shampoo and Conditioner

As some of you may know, I used to work at Lookfantastic on the Beauty Hub, blogging about all things beauty and generally being a bit of an SEO wizard (srsly, this picture says it all).

As well as the day to day elements of my job, it was fortunately one that allowed me and my colleagues to sample the odd beauty product to see what we thought before we stocked something. One such product was from the brand new Concoction range, and to say I was excited was an understatement.

Concoction specialise in customised haircare, you pick a 'ShampYou Base Blend' (I went for the Bakhour one as I'd heard good things about the smell!) and then you pick two shots of the Super Serums that you add to the shampoo in the top of the bottle before using it. I chose two of the Beautiful Brunette serums, but you can mix and match depending on your hair type and colour which is really cool! I finished my order with the Cashmere and White Lily Conditioner and I was ready to go!

The first thing I noticed when using this Shampoo and Conditioner was the smell. Oh, the smell. The shampoo is a sort of sweet, musky scent that isn't too overpowering whilst the conditioner is sweet with a floral hint of lily - making it really nice and fresh.

After washing my hair, it felt really soft and shiny, so given the unique selling point, heavenly smell and super soft hair, you can imagine I was pretty pleased with this product. But it wasn't until about four days later that I became super impressed; when I realised that not only had I not washed my hair again that week - but I hadn't actually needed to. Now, I'm not someone who washes their hair everyday, but it needs it at least two or three times a week to stop it looking dull or dry. However, with this, it's no exaggeration to say that I only need to wash it the once (twice if we're being picky). I have no idea why that is, because I've been touching my hair and shoving it up half way through the day just as much as I normally would.

So, despite this range being a touch on the expensive side (a set will cost around £30 altogether), I can wholeheartedly say I recommend it. Not just because it smells amazing and leaves my hair feeling soft, but because of how much time and effort it is saving me! It makes my hair feel super clean for those crucial few days in between washes, so much so that I am now washing my hair less. And you know what means, less time spent washing hair and more time doing ANYTHING else in the world because washing your hair is really boring. Amazing!

What do you think of the Concoction range? Have you tried it? You can (of course) shop the full range on Lookfantastic, and you can check out their official website here!

Eve x

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Still in summer mode!

Anyone else clinging onto summer? Praying that Bank Holiday weekend will pull it out of the bag and be beach weather? Stocking up on the last of the supermarket's Pimms?

I am. And as I look out of the window at the grey skies, drizzle and the evenings that are getting ever so slightly shorter, I can't help but look down at my nails and notice that they are still completely in summer mode.

Yep - I'm hanging on to these last few weeks of summer, and continuing my romance with pastels. Namely these four beauties:

What do you think of these shades? Is there anything else you're clinging onto before Autumn/Winter trends fully kick in?

Eve x

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